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Where is everyone in this forum? Dead in here!

317wc317wc Member Posts: 924 ✭✭✭✭
Where the heck is everyone? I know there most be some bowhunters hanging around. I just wanted to say hi, this is my first year bow-hunting, just this year I have seen more does while hunting than all of last year, and and more bucks than probably the past 3 years of gun season combined. Rattled a buck (think it was the same one) twice in two days. Hoping to put one in the freezer here soon. Seems like the rut is starting to heat up here in PA. I'm shooting a PSE Nova, 60 pounds. Went outlast weekend and saw no deer but did find an area where two bucks had been fighting, the ground was all torn up and there was big circular scuff marks where they were pushing each other around. That area is about 700 yards from where I spotted a big 8 last year. Anyways thats about it, good luck out there everyone.


  • DONDALINGERDONDALINGER Member Posts: 1,541 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I would guess everyone is out hunting trying to score. I have seen a few deer, but have not dropped anything yet. I think it will pick up on this forum as people start to drop some bucks and have pics/stories to tell. This is my last week to bowhunt and then its blackpowder season for me. I'll post pics if I score.

  • Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,113 ******
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    Work, hunt, sleep.
    Been out quite a bit. It has just been nice being out. Haven't been seeing tons but enough to keep it interesting.
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