Score at the local Flea Market

dcso3009dcso3009 Member Posts: 2,350 ✭✭✭✭✭
Ok. It is the "Sportsman's Flea Market" put on by our archery club. It is a small fundraiser activity for the club. People bring in items, and price them as they wish. Club takes $1 for every person in the door, and 10% of all sales.
I was at the door collecting the entry fee, so I was not the first one in. In fact I had not seen anything I wanted while working to set up tables. After about 20 minutes I started to walk around, more for the social aspect. I spotted a Leupold Vendetta I had not seen while setting up. Price $20. I figured no way it would work for that price. Hit the button and it powered up. Aimed it across the room & got a correct reading.
Like I said. Score. Not sure if I will keep it or flip it yet, but for $20.... I had to buy it.


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