bow season is fast approaching

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and looking at trail cam pictures isnt helping me out! [:D] we got a few small bucks in the area, nothing to write home about, but we do not eat the horns where i'm from [;)] there are a few does that we are hoping walk underneath us. there is also a momma and 2 fawns, they are a lot of fun to watch on the video. we had 1 coyote on camera, but he has since mysteriously disappeared..





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    Nice pics. I had to pull my cam due to high grass in one area and flooding in the other.
    Amazing how those yotes disappear isn't it. [:D]
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    Yes one of the great mysterious isn't it? [:)] I am hopeful this is the year I can take a whitetail, as strange as it sounds...I have never harvested one since I started hunting them at age 16 (I'm now 34[:0]). Have a few elk, some animals from Argentina but for some reason these whitetails elude me. Wish me luck...and the same to all of you! More pics to follow when we start seeing some change in behavior [:)]
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    I only seem to get one photo of each coyote I see too? Strange isn't it.


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