Compound string prices?

I have had my PSE compound for about 10 years and it still has the factory zebra twist string and cables. I take very good care of it and keep the string waxed. The string looks perfect with no fraying. I pulled it out Monday and shot it about a dozen times with no issues.

With bow season fast approaching, I wanted to ask how much is the going rate to have a bow shop install a new string? My son in law just had a new string and cable replaced on his and it was $120. I thought that was high.

How often should the string be replaced?

Replace it even though it looks perfect?

Thanks, Don


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    Not sure on cost.
    My BowTech is about the same age as yours.
    I keep it waxed and there are no major frays.
    I'll keep shooting it until I get a new bow.
    $120 seems high to me just to replace something that's still in good shape.
    I can see if you have an issue with the strings or cable but not just because.

    Maybe I just don't shoot it enough to wear it out.
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    i stumbled on a stripped down Yamaha compound. Very frayed string and nothing else there. Cabela guy put on a $20 string from a shop who did nothing else. I spent a very few dollars and they hooked me up for free, including lessons. Great old and rare bow now.
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    A string that old needs replaced. They can break at any time under the serving, especially the center serving. If you ever have a string or cable break when you release an arrow you will not ever forget such. You can loose eyes and other bad things can happen and usually a limb will crack/break on the bow and one of your limbs may also crack.   Usually you will also loose some of your other things, like bow sights and a limb might warp you up the side of your head, broke strings whipping can take out eyes.
    I buy new strings from on-line at a discount for my crossbows and have a bow shop install them.
    For my compound bows I have a bow press and change them myself but you can sometimes save few bucks by buying the string/cables on-line. Go to 2 couple of recommended bow shops nd get a exact estimate, take the bow or it's exact model number so they can give you a exact quote. Not doing such is a waste of time. Keep in mind though about you can be severely injured if the string breaks. Tell them to save your old cables and strings. When you get your old string back remove the center serving and you will see the weak areas and probably some of the strings separated. No need in tuning (sighting in) a compound bow until the new strings have rested for couple weeks. Also good idea to let new crossbow strings/cables to stretch in place for week or 2. The newer type strings and cables do not stretch severely like the older types, they just break all at once but when replaced they need to rest on the bow for few days because they will change little bit, some crossbows will really be off target at 25 yards when new strings and cables are installed.
    A general rule of thumb if you do not shoot much is 2 years old and replace by the 3rd year.
    I shoot compound bows lots practicing and I replace mine every year. I make my own compound bow cables and strings from the new no stretch materials using the Zebra twist type materials and they just break, no stretch.
    Stay safe.
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