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A little rant

headzilla97headzilla97 Member Posts: 6,445
I am a baseball umpire and I have a little rant so here goes. I have been relativly conflict free all year I have done about 50 games so far this season. Well last night I was suposed to have have a double header of 13 year old babe ruth kids. well i get a phone call saying no go do a 12 year old little league game then go to the babe ruth game. No problem Ill make 40 bucks compared to 37 and Id rather do the younger kids "I sound like michael jackson there". Well I get there and the coaches tell me this is for second place in the league its both teams last game before the play offs. so its a close game and it ends up in extra innings tied at 3. well at the start of extra innings I look in the field teams dug out and the coaches are chirping about somthing pointing at the score books. well the kid at bat walks then the coach walks out and say we have a problem they batted out of order. I look at the book and they did. the batting coach didnt inform the defensive coach that he put his starters back in. So I have to call the kid out Did I want to no should he have been out no but the coach insisted that he be put out. Well the next 2 kids strike out and another walks. the next kid hits a dinger to the fence scoring a run. the home team gets up and the first 2 kids strike out. Im like this is good bad karma coming back to bite his team in the *. well after 2 walks and runners on 2nd and third the next kid hits a dinger to the fence scoring 2 runs and the games over. the coaches started yelling at each other and i got out of dodge and go to the next game. the next game involved me and another gentleman that knows his stuff sp im like this will be easy. first inning the home team is at bat and the visiting pitcher cant find the strike zone so its the plate umps fault. well the kid is arguing under his breath and finally the other ump warns him and the coach. after that the whole team got a warning for being un sportsman like. they have 9 players so if someone gets tossed the game is over. next inning a kid bunts a ball that bounced off the ground and makes it to first, the coach goes nuts saying that should have been a dead ball. which it is not but he tried to tell us it was. well we listened to his little tirad cuz it was the last inning and didnt send him home packing. his team lost 19-5 so we thought that was bad enough. all in all i was 87 bucks richer and had a good time last night.

"Were not here for a long time were here for a good time"


  • bang250bang250 Member Posts: 8,021
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    You probably should have stuck around the first game to see if a nice fight broke out.[:D]

    Why do they make it taste so good and put it in them little bitty cans- Dad

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  • Wild OkieWild Okie Member Posts: 1,280 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I coached in a rec. league for years. It can get hairy. Most of the problems came from the parents. The last three years that I was head coach. I had a standing rule. I'm the coach your the parents. I run the team you cheer the kids. If they do something wrong I deal with it. Don't come to the dug out coaching And I won't go sit in the stands and cheer them on. Some of my boys had minor handicaps. This was not a competition league. The boys were there to learn and play ball to the best of their abilities. Most of all have fun.

    Oh and yes .I would argue with the ump from time to time but never disrespectful. I thought they all did a fair job and got along with them all.[:o)]

  • gagirlgagirl Member Posts: 5,408
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    I coached cheerleading... some HS and too many years at the Rec Dept. I feel for you. I would never NEVER consider do it again. The parents drove me nuts.

    its all about pucks and bucks
  • fishermanbenfishermanben Member Posts: 15,370
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    Well, you did the right thing by just doing your best to keep it fair.


    Play Ball!!!
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