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Skeptical about a new broadhead

idsman75idsman75 Member Posts: 14,524
I haven't done much archery this year but am thinking about having a longbow shipped to me while I am in Iraq. I've heard that a longbow or recurve goes a long way to deal with stress and provide some great recreation.

All that aside...

I've been trying to keep up with the newest greatest products on the market and ran across a new broadhead that I've never seen before. I'd like to find out if anyone has used it and what opinions might be regarding this new product. It's called the "Atom Broadhead"

HEre it is :



  • headzilla97headzilla97 Member Posts: 6,445
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    Whos going to be the first to try it. if looks could kill that would kill but,I think Im going to stick with the rockets

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  • Mr.PissyPantsMr.PissyPants Member Posts: 3,575
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    Looks pretty interesting. Anyone have experience with these as of yet?

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  • Slash0311Slash0311 Member Posts: 1,676 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    The page wouldn't open for me. Is this the one that uses wire instead of blades? If it is, for me, they are like $45 for two. That is WAY too pricy in my book. With that said, the idea seems pretty good though. The wire will basicly move out of the way of bone and then spring back into shape. One question that I would have with that is a wound cannel. The hole would be very small where a typical fixed or mechanical broadhead would shatter bone to leave a larger entry and exit wound.


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  • n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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    The link did not work for me, but I'm sold on Muzzy 100's. I've used numerous broadheads and Muzzy's seem to be to most lethal to me...they also seem to fly the best. Just my .02

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  • taco413taco413 Member Posts: 2,504 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Interesting as they look I think i'll stick with my spitfires.

  • idsman75idsman75 Member Posts: 14,524
    edited November -1
    Thanks for posting the pic taco. I was having a hard time with it last night.
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