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future looks good.

bang250bang250 Member Posts: 8,021
Everytime I come home in my camo coat my oldest daughter asks me if I got a deer. She looks so sad when I tell her I was at work not hunting. For the last week she has been playing "deer" where she uses her nerf ball bow to shoot "deer" either me or a big stuffed animal horse that she says is a deer. She shoots, then goes to get her "arrow" then she even looks around on the floor like she is looking for the blood trail, she will then drag the "deer" out show me(if I'm not the deer) and mom and through it up on the couch (her truck) and act like she is driving to the butcher with it.

And as I started typing this she just called me on her moms cell phone to tell me she just saw 4 real deer on her way to school. I asked her if she got a shot but she said she forgot her bow at home.
I think she will be the one to hunt with me.
I can't wait!!![:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][^][^][^][^]

If huntin' is a sport, then your lookin at an athlete- T-shirt

Gun bans have never accomplished anything, other than to create a safe working environment for criminals.


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