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Your hunting and notice a wounded deer with an arrow sticking out of him we shall say he is a 6 pointer about a year and a half old, then you notice his comrade who is about a 160 class buck. Do you arrow the big one and let nature handle the other or finish the little guy off and let the big one go

My old man's backhand used to land,
Hard on the side of my head.
I just learned to stay out of his way.
There's been streetfights, blue lights,
Long nights with the world sittin' on my chest:
It just showed me how much I could take.
Hard times, bad luck.
Sometimes, life sucks.
That's all right, I'm ok.
It ain't nothin' but another day.


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    To make a long story short, my current job sucks! It's a small company that has about 50 or so employees and is owned by one person. My dept is small with about 10 employees and is ran by two brothers. I am next in line to them. I get along great with one the shop foreman. The overall manager is the problem. I butt heads with him over his lack of a management style. Example, he allowed one guy to have over 100 lates in a six month period before doing anything. Gave him one day off. (A late here is anything more than 14 minutes past your start time) Part of my job is to manage all of the problem jobs or incomplete jobs. Instead of ALL, I do some, and my two bosses do some. Information never gets passed back to me and our customers call and I look like an idiot because they know more about what has been going on than I do. I talked to my boss yesterday and we were supposed to have a meeting today.... Didn't happen. I am currently on the waiting list to be hired by my local Sheriff's dept but I don't know when that will be. I could have the next job open at the jail, but that would mean cutting my pay by more than $2 an hour. At this point, I've just about had it and am getting closer to leaving here. The bad thing other than the money is that I am supposed to start the Reserve Deputy program in Jan and I think that all of the training is in the evenings which I am sure I would be working at the jail if I take that job. Plus, I don't want to start a different job somewhere else only to quit in a few months when I get hired full time for the Reserves. I have been trying to stick it out for over 6 months now and it's getting rougher. Anyone got any thoughts? Sorry for the long post.

    Semper Fi!
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    Sometimes when you put yourself in a "sink or swim" situation you will be suprised how long you stay afloat. I took a job that was only guaranteed 900 hrs then was over, well that turned into a full time job. It was a job that I really wanted and so I thought it was worth the risk.
    My thoughts, do what makes YOU happy.
    A job only worked for 6 mo. may not give you a good reference or maybe if you inform them upfront it could still work out for you. Again, You need to be the happy one. unless you have kids then you need to do whats best for them. Just my .02. Keep your head up either way, time seems to fix all things.

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    Well Slash I manage 12 or so guys in my department and I can tell you it isint easy. this is my advise to you. Worry about yourself .. are you on time? what do you care if they want to pay that guy for comming in late ? its their money. Sounds like your just not happy where your at. the best thing to do is keep quiet find somthing else and get out. Because even though you may be the better worker. you will get labled the whiner. and the dude that keep,s quiet will get ahead I know it isint right but thats the real world. good luck.[;)]
    small companies can be tough there not regulated much so they can do pretty much whatever they damn please.[xx(]

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    I know what you mean Buckey. Unless one of the brothers quits, then I'm stuck where I am at. I could give you a long list of problems here. One guy carrying a company cell phone for several months, racking up over $1000 bill and NOTHING getting done to him. One guy sets a sink backwards and gets sent home for 1/2 a day. Then the guy comes back in and gives the manager a check for his pay that he worked that day and quit. (Manager told him it would take at least three hours to correct, that check was for three hours of his wages.) A couple of weeks later, three seasoned installers forgot to tie in $8000 worth of tops. They fell over and broke over $3000. NOTHING was done or really said to them.

    As for myself, I am never late. PERIOD. In 6 years here, I have been late less than 5 times and one of those was when we had 8" of snow on the ground and I took my wife to work. Another was when I had to go to IL for training on a machine and didn't get home till midnight and I came in an hour later for that. I don't think I have ever even called in sick.

    How bad is it when three of the top four guys are looking for different jobs?

    Semper Fi!
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    Poor management starts at the very top and ruins some good employees. You can screw a person over, take advantage of them, out and out use them, but only so many times before they have enough of it. Treat your employees fair, honestly, respectfully, and equally doesn't always happen and is dam near impossible in most businesses. My motto:
    1. Honesty always
    2. Respect them as they respect others
    3. Treat them equal in most cases, extra effort = better treatment.
    Your description sounds to me like I'd move on. Possible to move to another department within the company where you'd have more chance to move up the chain and work under better management?
    Just my $.02
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