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How many of you are for or against youth hunting seasons[?] For example, here in Ohio they hold a two day youth, 18 years & under, shotgun hunt. It's 2 or 3 weeks before the normal week long shotgun season that everyone participates in. Is this unfair[?]
I have heard a bunch of different people tell me since the youth shotgun season was over that it is a crock. "Those kids should hunt at the same time, they get the good deer before anyone else can go out."
My answer to all of them was Go bowhunt before the youth season then you can take their deer from them. I also called them bad words I can't post here.
I think Ohio should hold two youth seasons, 1 in October and 1 in November, both before the normal shotgun season.

Now swamp this topic with replies, I'm going for a record post. [:D]


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    Of course they should!

    Let me add in on my youth hunt.

    When I was younger, probably 4 or 5 years ago, our local phesants forever had a youth hunt for people 16 and under, must have been 5 years ago. Anyways, parent had to be there, ect. ect. I got my dad to go and had a freaking blast. I had never been pheasant hunting before, or since then for that matter. But I was glad I got to go and I think many other people did too. I was probably the oldest one there though, but that didn't matter to me, it was great. And whenever I get a chance to go phesant hunting again I am sure I will be going.
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    i like the youth hunts my oldest daughter got her first deer on youth hunt here in bama the youth is 16 and under i think its a good way to get kids into hunting
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    They are kids for crying out loud. A seasoned hunter shouldn't have any problem getting on good bucks with the number of deer killed during the youth hunt. I think that it would be a great idea and a good way to get new people involved in our sport. Besides, if these kids see that other adult hunters are pi$$ing and moaning about them, that could really discourage them from hunting. At a time when we are so much under attack from the anti groups, we need all of the new people we can get!

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    I like it. As long as it stays antlerless only. We don't need the seasoned hunter taken the gun away from the kid to be sure to get the big boy down. I hope to be able to take one of my girls someday.

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    I love the idea. Ours is the weekend before modern gun season and I saw no signs that the two day hunt had made the deer shy. However I did talk to a guy who shot a nice buck as his son watched (he thought that was just as good). He kinda let it slip he didnt say it directly but you are always gonna have guys like that. I know in my area many deer fall every year to a 22 mag. long before gun season.

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    CRYBABIES!!!! The guys that whine the loudest tend to be lazy or poor hunters in the first place with the attitude of "I didn't have the opportunity, why should they".

    I believe the youth season results in better, more responsible and more ethical hunters. When the parent or guide isn't concerned about harvesting thier own they can concentrate on teaching,game identification, shot placement, when and when not to shoot, tracking, field dressing and other important skills than can often slip through the cracks under other circumstances. I personally get more satisfaction of guiding a youth to his first deer whatever it may be than harvesting one myself. If a kid shoots a big buck so what? That kid will likely hold off on the small bucks next time around allowing them to grow. Something many adults don't have the willpower to do. In my area the duck hunters are in the sloughs, upland game hunters in the fields and woods and bowhunters are already "disturbing" game. A few more bodies really doesn't effect them much.
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    I loved youth season, I got to video mine killin a doe.

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    The youth season is the one thing that is RIGHT about the hunting seasons! In TN we have TWO of them. One always the last full weekend in October, before the gun season comes in. And one in January, AFTER the regular gun season. KY does it even better. They also have 2, but the second youth hunt in January is FREE. No license, no tag, no fees at all for the youngsters.
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    We have that here also...I got to take my sister's kid out get him started out the right way.

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    Enos. you have a question or is that your answer[?] [:D]

    shoff14, Your not from Ohio are you? That pheasant hunt sounds like something I took my nephew to over at a farm near Salt Fork. ?

    Bang, quote:As long as it stays antlerless only[?] You serious? http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/wildlife/Hunting/deer/deerpics_05/default.htm
    check out some of the youths with their bucks from this year around here, they look so happy, now why make them stay to anterless only?
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    quote:Originally posted by Suspension

    shoff14, Your not from Ohio are you? That pheasant hunt sounds like something I took my nephew to over at a farm near Salt Fork. ?

    Yes, but this hunt was really close to home. Salt fork would be a good drive from my Ohio home.
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    I am going to have to agree with the antlerless youth hunt! My oldest will be able real soon to do this! And I hope my youngest will in a few years, God willing!

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    Youth's are our future in hunting. it's a no brainer.At this stage in my life I would much rather see a kid get get a deer than myself and live through their eyes. kinda brings the real exsightment back. Anyone who does not want youth hunts is just like Dakota- shooter said. big mouth lazy hunter who's worried some kid is gonna shoot his big buck...Taco congrats that must have been great videoing your kid getting a deer .. proud moment for dad...[^]

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