Going to be hunting in the snow!

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Well, our second week of our muzzleloader season is going to be fun! We got three or four inches of snow yesterday and temps overnight were down to 9!!! I'm still after my buck and plan to hunt most of the weekend! It's going to be cold and the snow will not be going anywhere anytime soon! I love hunting in the snow so as long as my under armor and layers work, I'll be having a great hunt! Now if I can just get Mr. Bighorns to walk by, I'll be in having a BLAST!!!!

Semper Fi!


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    Bow hunting this weekend in the snow also, can't wait![8D] Good lyck with MR. BIGHORNS!

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    Yep, i'm headin out later to muzzleload hunt, and to see where they are bedding so I can sneak up on them in the morning.

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    Don't care for hunting in the snow that much unless:

    1) temp stays over freezing
    2) It snows at temps lower than 20 degrees
    3) it is a heavy snow.

    I don't care for early season snowfalls because they tend to come down soft and freeze into a CRUNCHY mess 1000 times worse than dry leaves. Right now it is hard to get within 200 yards of where I want to stillhunt without being heard and when you get there you can't hardly move without being heard anyway.

    I'm waiting for a nice 12" snow or blizzard that will cover all the trees. Perfect deer hunting conditions.
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    snow what is that i wish our temp would go below 60 here in bama gla up there in snowman land
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    we got 10 inches here today. Tommarow im heading out with some friends to do some drives

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