Antler-Mount kit.....?

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At the store they have a kit for mounting the antlers only and I was wondering if any of you have done/used one of these before? Since my 12 year old step-son got a 4x?, I thought I would mount it up for him to hang on his wall. Are they pretty easy to do??? Or should I just leave the head hang on the tree and let nature clean most of it off then bleach the skull????

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    I have done three with the mounting kit.....Granted it probabaly looks nices with the whole skull, but thte kit only takes me 10 mins to do. You just cut the antlers off by making a V on each side off the antlers at the skull, then remove the hair. Now you can place it on the mounting board to center it. drill holes through the skull into the wood backing, and use the drywall screws provided to attach it to the board.....tadaa!
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    Son's first buck was a small 3-pointer. Naturally he wanted to have it mounted. [:0] I hated to spend that kind of money on such a small deer, so we decided to mount the antlers only using one of those kits. Problem I had was that the antlers were too small, and the cover in the kit was too big to fit over them. It was easy though, and would look nice, if only I could find a smaller cover! So if your antlers are on the smallish side, that would be the only problem I think you would have.
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    I did my latest (6 point) It has pretty good highth and looks pretty good on the plaque, but the material that this kit has to go over the skull cap is plastic with a type of felt covering it and the dam* thing splits and is not very easy to nail it to the plaque. So I am going to cover it with some felt I got at wally world (cheap) and glue it down!

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