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DIRTYRATDIRTYRAT Member Posts: 2,167 ✭✭✭✭✭
Got one tonight. I hunted with a buddy of mine on property that he has. We were sitting across the field from each other. I got to see him get ready when a doe and yearling came out. The only shot he had was at the yearling at 40 and he passed. They kept looking back and into the timber. They ended up running towards me and stopped halfway between him and me. Then they walked into the timber. At about 6 I heard something. To the left of me I saw a body moving thru the under brush. I stood and drew back. No matter what it was I was shooting. I've ate too many tags and we are out of burger. It then stepped out at 20 yrds. I let it fly. I heard the great sound of WHACK and saw my Lumnock stuck in the ground. It stumbled and then ran a small circle and headed back into the timber. Called my buddy on the radio and told him I just whacked one. He said that he had just turned my way when he heard the WHACK. He also heard it fall.
Finally got back to the truck and then went back to where the arrow was. Covered in blood it was but no blood trail. After 15' or so finally found blood. Tracked it back into the timber and the blood started getting more. Noticed that there was bubbles in it which made me very happy. It traveled about 60-70 yrds. Double lunger.
When we got up to it he said that a good sized doe. That's when I noticed the *. We got up to the head and it ended up having 2 1'2" spikes. I would have sworn that it was a doe but it didn't matter since like I said before we need the meat.
I appolize now for the fact that I didn't get any pics. with my bow when we were out in the field. We had the back legs skinned when I remembered. I will want to count this for my 50 points for a doe.
I will post hopefully beter pics when my buddy sends his or I get mine developed from my 35.
Anywhoo I'm one happy hunter.



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