Archery Ranges Around Davis, California

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Just got a new compound bow for christmass (PSE Bruin 60# draw)

Haven't been into archery, just guns.
However I have found it to be very fun, and also a great upper body workout. By my second day I was hitting the 70 yard target at the range here at home.

I'll be going back to college in about a week, and I was wondering if anyone knew a good place ot go shoot around Davis, California.


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    I Am also sorry for your missfortune of purchacing a PSE MY condolences.[:D][:D][B)]
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    At lease it's not a HOYT,,[:D]
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    [:D]i agree the surekill, but i hope ypu dont have too many problems with the pse otherwise it turn into an expensive sport[:D]
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    I think considering its my first bow and all I have been shooting has been shotguns and rifles, its a good bow.

    I don't think it would be appropriate to go out and buy an $800 bow with accessories on top of that for a sport I have just started.

    Alot of people on these forums laugh at some dope new to a shooting sport who goes out and buys all the most expensive stuff without having a clue about the sport(at least I see that happen in the general discussion).

    I think at my skill level, it would make no difference in my shooting if I had a top of the line matthews or hoyt.

    I'm sure for you experienced archers a pse would be a step down as a present, but as an entry level first bow, its ok right?

    Back to the main question, any ranges in the Davis/Wooland/Sacramento area, preferably free ones.
    Down in the south bay where my folks live and where im at now for christmass break, theres a county park with a range thats free, anyone know of something similar around Davis?

    oh and btw last quiver I shot (on my 3rd day of shooting) was at the 55 yard target had 7 of 12 arrows inside the bullzeye (well the inner white circle of diameter 5 inches)
    Having no trouble hitting the 70 yard target, but I beleive out of the last 12 i shot at that only 3 were in the 5 inch white circle.

    How am I doing so far?
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    Sounds like your on your way. Don't take us seriously about the PSE were just razzing ya.[:0] If you read the other threads you will see we just bust each othres[8][8]'s About Mathews hoyt and soforth. I tink being a beginner PSE is just fine. they make a decent bow.Are you planning to hunt or 3d just target? Again welcome to the forum and best of luck with the PSE. Hey the Guy's from Primos have been doing OK with Pse for years. no matter which bow you get including a stick Bow I would say it's 95% the Shooter and 05% the Bow. welcome Aboard.[;)]
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    Ya welcome to the forum. My first bow was an old pse then i got my diamond. the pse was a pretty good bow. Like you said, it's a good bow to start. They're cheap and pretty good quality. I shot my pse for three years and the only thing i replaced was the string. Once again welcome and good luck with your bow!![:D][:D]
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    there used to be an indoor range in dixon off 113 just over the tracks not sure if its still there or not. you can always drive an hour north and shoot at our range here its a nice outdoor range with 50 plus targets uphill and down hill shots through the oaks its a nice place to shoot.
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    P reschool
    S hooting
    E quipment

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    From Ohio so help with the range finding is out for me, sorry.
    Sounds like your well on your way though. Good luck, hope you enjoy it and stick with it.
    PSE makes great bows, many manufacturers do. 7 of 12 for a beginner is just fine. Have fun. [:)]
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    good one bang[:D][:D]
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    There is a range off of Mace Blvd.in Davis. Go to the end of Mace Blvd (south) Its called the Yolo bowman. 28 targets,sight in range and club house. Membership is 50 a year. During the summer they have club shoots on wed. night. There is a rumor that they will be working on an indoor range soon! If you dont join but just want to shoot, there are pay boxes at the entrance. I think its 3$ a round...hope this helps
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    Well im on the east coast so Im no help to you but congrats on the new bow
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