FINALLY, Today's the day!!! UPDATE!!

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Short version, last night I got my call for the Sheriff's department job. This afternoon I have my "voice stress test" and I'd say that this is the final step in getting on the dept!!! I've been on the waiting list for almost a year and my time spent waiting is almost over!!!![:D] Just thought I'd share!!!

***UPDATE***:Here it is Friday morning and I'm back at work. Short version is that I passed with flying colors. It's down to me and one other guy and the Sheriff will have to make a decision, maybe today. Thanks for all of the prayers. As for Ben peeing in a cup for me, thanks but I'm good. Actually, when they interviewer asked me if I had ever smoked pot and I said "no" he LAUGHED AND SAID THAT THEY DON'T GET MANY ANYMORE THAT HAVEN'T AT LEAST TRIED IT IN COLLAGE!!!![:0][:)] So now I wait again![8D][:D][xx(]

***+++UPDATE 2+++*** I'll be looking forward to your payback Racer.... You'll never find this here though!!! And yes, I AM odd!!!![:D]


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