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Where are all you bow-hunters ?

s.guns.gun Member Posts: 3,245
You are supposed to get out of your tree at sundown.I can't figure why this forum has little to post.I work my 40 hrs. Bowhunt more than 90 % of the bowhunters I know, and still find time,and find it interesting to talk on this forum. Are you working that hard at bagging your Deer that you are too tired to talk with other Bowhunters.


  • salzosalzo Member Posts: 6,837
    edited November -1
    Not much to report sgun. My bow season officially ended on Sunday, and I did not get anything, and I barely saw anything. Rifle season starts next week.
  • s.guns.gun Member Posts: 3,245
    edited November -1
    We have a nice long season here in Ohio. It usually starts about the 5 th. or 8 th. of Oct. and runs till the end of Jan.It is still a feat to bag a deer with a bow or crossbow.They are still rutting here and that makes our chances about 4 times better till gun season (1 week)the week after Thanksgiving.Then it is really tough.
  • ghotie_thumperghotie_thumper Member Posts: 1,561 ✭✭
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    Archery season in Ca is sooo hot and dry. August temps run in the high 90's and low 100's. I pity the fool... Wait oh yeah here we go. I hunted about 4 days in archery season. I kick myself because I spent the previous 2 months practicing nearly every evening and felt pretty good. Then I went out and was able to stalk up on a pretty big pacific forked horn and MISSED him. I went back home and shot the bow again that night and found my bow was off about 3'to the right and 1' high. I can only guess my sight frame got bent while sitting in the back seat of my pickup. Next time the kids get to walk home. My fault. I need a sturdier sight frame. Any recommendations? The one I have came with the bow in a kit. It is pretty cheesy, slots with pins and I use a peep. I didn't get in enough scouting either. My fault again but gas was around 2 bucks a gallon last summer here in northern Kal.
  • rg666rg666 Member Posts: 395 ✭✭✭
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    Hey Ghoatie go buy a hard case. You'll save yourself from those kinds of headaches in the future.Maryland bow season is very long so I get plenty of chances and plenty of deer. There are a lot of bow only hunting areas which is nice. So far I have only hunted with my re-curve and killed 3 deer. Two does & and ugly spike. I am proud of the fact that I got them with a traditional bow. This is the first year I've hung up the compound and stuck with my recurve. Check out this site Its where I got my custom recurve bow. This guy is awesome.It was worth every penny. RG
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