Hunting the rut

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During the "Seeking phase" of the rut, what lures and calls should be used? Thanks to all.


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    I like the "refridgerated" urine of doe in estrus....

    Another great trick is to tie a small white hankie onto a 20 or 30 yards of mono fishing line and place scent on it. Drape the rag and line over a branch so it is about 5 feet or so off the ground.

    Run the line over a few branches and back to your stand. Every once and awhile give the rag a tug and give it movement. Do not overdue..... Really sparks their curiosity and diverts the bucks attention away from you. Keep in mind your shooting lanes when placing rag.

    Good luck
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    I worked at a farm in PA that raised whitetails to sell to folks in the mid-west where they were released for people to pay for hunting trips. The deer were as tame as dogs until...one day I was carying in a bail of alfalfa into the fenced in area and a 11 point scared me Sh$$less. His eyes were red, his head was lowered and he was pawing the ground. Needless to say I ended up with shredded close, blood leaking out from punctures wounds, and went into shock/hospitalized for a week. Don't underestimate your oponent. I didn't kill him as I wanted to, but I did throw lime in his eyes every day until they shipped him off. He must of been an easy prey.
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    Blow your grunt twice every 45 minutes. It's very important to not over-do it in this stage. The bucks are still thinking w/ their brains, not their twig and berries.

    Nitrouz, that's damn cruel what you did to that buck.
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