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quamnetquamnet Member Posts: 332 ✭✭
Well actually not new, but new to me. I bought it used off of ebay. I took your guys advice and went to a few local dealers and got fitted. I really had my heart set on a Mathews no matter how overpriced the new ones were. They fitted me with a new one and I found out my exact specs. Wouldn't you know within a week I found the exact specs and features I was looking for on a Z-Max that was on the auction block. It came already set up with arrow rest, fiber optic sights, stabilizer, etc. I paid $300 for it, it has some scratches on it from being used, but for my first bow, it was a great deal I THINK! Considering new a couple of years ago it was worth over $1000 w/all the accessories. I just bought a brand new $60 release for half price off of ebay to. Not to mention an $80 hard case for $30. I am so excited to use my new "toy". Just had to tell someone.


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