Game Finder ?

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Any comments on the use of those Game Finders would be appreciated.
I would like to know of anybodys experience with them.

The best models cost $259.00 and I would be willing to buy one if they are any good; never see any articles with comments.

I am confused at times.We park on driveways anddrive on parkways.


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    I have a "HeatSeeker" game finder. Have not had a lot of chances to use it, but it will pick out a 150lb. person at 100yds. I think in the right situation they work and you kind of have to learn to trust them. As far as finding a small game animal through a lot of trees I do not think it will work, to much false readings. I do not know how true it is but someone told me it was illeagal to use it to find game that was not wounded, might have been just jealous he did not have one. Al
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