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I had my bow string changed and it started some problems. How would i know if the string was too long or short? Its a PSE nova 4


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    What kind of problems? Usually you have to do some retuning after getting it restrung. Did you get the old string back? Did you get a quality prestretched string put on? If the string is prestretched and roughly the same legnth then I would guess that it is just a tuning issue.
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    I have gotten some tuning done and also found a broken bolt in the site. All in all, I wish had never changed the string. It seems good now but i will see. I am shooting 6 lbs more than I was before. If I can just put a good shot on a deer or two this weekend......
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    Dear Lead lobber; I have had a similar action to a bow several years ago when replacing the string...The first problem wasn't really a problem but with a 1 inch longer string the bow climed approx 5lbs.

    You didn't mention if the bow was put back to the same adjustments and the bow gained poundage or if the bow was just adjusted to the higher poundage?

    I am not familiar with the bow in question weather it is a solo or a hatchet type, assuming the bow is a hatchet type it is very possible the fella who re-tuned the bow may have not gotten the cams in perfect timing.

    This happens more often than the "experts" would like us to know. Not all of the archery shops have true bow guru's.

    If the bow is still giving you some problems and you think it may be the timing or just a simple adjustment, go and see another reputable archery shop with someone who does know whats going on and capable of actually tuning without any problems.

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    I went back to see the bow man- it seems he put a shorter string on because he says my draw lenth has shortened??? THe bow is 29 " but he says I am now a 26.5. He sold me the bow. I don't get how its gotten shorter. I have been lifting for 8 months but dont think this could be an issue. Anyway anyone ever heard of draw lenth shorting?
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    First thing you need to do is see what length string is supposed to be on your bow. Contact PSE... they can tell you. Then if you need to adjust the draw length, do it at the wheels. Don't shoot it with a string that is longer that it's supposed to be.( a 1/4 longer would be alright, but no more.) Most beginners shoot a bow with the draw length longer than it should be.... get some help from an expirenced archer. If you're shooting a draw length of 29" you should probably be 6" tall or a little taller. Then once the draw length is correct, this is the time to tune the bow. Anytime you change a bow string you will likely need to retune your bow.

    As far as books go.... I highly recommend "Tuning Your Compound Bow" by Larry Wise. Good Luck!

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    it is agood idea to check your axel length and write it down, also take a pen and make a mark on your wheels just above the top and bottom edge of your limbs. then you can see if everything has been put back in place if he didn't adjust the cables it should not be out of time if it was ok when you gave it to him. about the draw length change unless you changed your release aid(got a longer or shorter one)i dont see how it could change.i shot for PSE for about 10 years they make good stuff most of it is very shooter friendly if you have much trouble give them a call they will be glad to help
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