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First Bow Deer

palirwinpalirwin Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
After many hunts, I finally have my first Bow deer. It was a good sized doe, from 28 yards. I have practiced enough to be confident in the shot. I have visualized the opportunity many times.

This is the first deer I ever shot at with my bow, and only the second deer I ever drew on. The first was a really nice 8 point buck that just wouldn't give me the shot.

I do not hunt from tree stands, and I have not been hunting over a feeder. I believe in making a tough challenge for myself. I also have not had a deer lease to hunt on, so my opportunities (invitations) have been few. I would say I have bow-hunted 20 times, and it has taken me about 5 hunting seasons to accomplish this.

The shot was made with a 100 grain Atom broadhead. I tell you the wound was clean and efficient. Complete pass thru both lungs and rib cages. The deer ran about 40 yards before dropping, and suprisingly not in a patch of cactus.

Anyway, I am very proud. Maybe I can go back and get that buck now!


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