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bowtech module help needed!!!

jagjag Member Posts: 484 ✭✭✭
okay, i posted this over at AT, didn't get much help, maybe you guys(or gals) can help
hi and thanks for any help. i just installed new draw length modules. i've tried setting draw stop post where the chart says, it doesn't even seem close! do i count down from the top or up from the bottom? if its down from the top, is the first line #1? its a larger one. i THINK the smaller hash marks are 1/2's or
.5's. ive tried both. one way the stop doesn't come close to hitting limb., the other way its WAY to short, i don't mean 1/2" i mean 2". whats the big deal if i don't use stop? should i just have someone slide it to the limb when i'm at full draw? lastly. the draw stop nut was to thick and was not even close to being able to go under the new mod. i had to file it down quite a bit, anyone ever have this problem? THANKS 4 YOUR HELP!


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