Vectrix update

dcso3009dcso3009 Member Posts: 2,350 ✭✭✭✭✭
Ok. Finally had a chance to do some real work on the new bow. Paper tuned, perfect! Chrono... 279FPS with a 394gr arrow at 62lbs puts it at 68.12ft/lbs of KE! Anytime you can break over your draw weight in KE you have a real powerhouse. It is turned way down for the winter indoor scene. Come spring I will go up in weight.

It shot very well. On the 5 spot the 5 ring was all but gone. I did try my old aluminum 30" stabilizer on it. Did help settle my arm down a bit. I felt a little vibration with it on though.

In other news, I listed my old magnatec on AT's classifieds. Hope it will sell. I did make it very clear that the bow has had limb problems, and included pictures of it.


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