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Had a guy talking to me about thermocells today, he said that they literally keep any and all bugs off you. Anyone here have any experience with them or have one? How much do they cost? Anyway to get one for free or a trial period? [:D]
I'm thinking they'd be nice for fishing, but what kind of area do they control?


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    they work great and cost is really low i paid $25 for mine not a bug at all during the early part of the season
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    I use mine for fishing at night, it works great. I took it to the woods earlier in the year, I am hunting a new spot this year that is basically a swamp, I got bit once.
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    I bought one, and never have used it. It was about $25 here as well.
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    I think I will buy one for camping. Well thats what I'll tell the wife anyway.
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    Can you sit them close to you and they keep a...say 4 foot area clear or do you need a couple for that?
    Do they run on batteries?
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    They are the ticket...hunting, fishing, camping, anything outdoors involving skeeters or black flies. One butane cylinder and 3 repellant mats are good for 12 hrs of protection in 15' diameter circle/225 sq/ft...for $20-25. Of course the wind negates the coverage and I won't use mine if I'm in a breezy location. They're supposed to be scent free though my nose can detect it.

    You could literaly sit there in your speedo Sus' and not get a nibble. [:0]
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    ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance
    From Russ Chastain,
    Your Guide to Hunting / Shooting.
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    Guide Rating -
    The Bottom Line
    This little item is great for anyone who wants to enjoy being outdoors without being bled dry by mosquitoes. It ain't cheap, but it does what it claims, and when you're surrounded by a cloud of skeeters that threaten your very existence, it's worth its weight in gold.
    Manufacturer's Site
    Provides about fifteen-foot diameter protection. Works very well, even in the worst conditions.
    One refill lasts about twelve hours; Easy to use.
    Repels Mosquitoes and flies (such as black flies).
    The bottom cap kept falling off, and got lost (ThermaCELL replaced it).
    When it runs dry, you're hosed without a refill.
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    Safe Mosquito Control
    Natural botanical repellent. Environmentally safe control.
    Portable cordless mosquito repellent "appliance."
    Uses a butane cartridge to heat up mosquito repellent mats.
    Electronic ignition means it lights like a gas grill or Aim-n-Flame - kind of noisy, but dependable.
    Guide Review - ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance
    The Only Way to Fly
    I have to admit, I was skeptical about this product at first, but it was vouched for by someone who had used it in the swamp where I'd tested the Bug Tamer, so I knew it was worth a try. The results exceeded my expectations by far.

    In the worst conditions, I was surrounded by a black cloud of buzzing, biting torment. Twenty minutes after turning on the ThermaCELL and taping it to my stand, it was gone. Every now and then a skeeter would fly in, but she'd be sluggish and would leave before long.

    Buster at Jerry's Indoor Archery done good when he told me about this, and he was right - I won't hunt in skeeter country again without myThermaCELL. Give it a try if the bugs are thick where you hunt - you won't be disappointed with its effectiveness.

    Manufacturer's Site
    Important product disclaimer information about
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    Thanks everyone, I'll have to try one out.

    Lmbhngr, not sure how you know I fish in a speedo, but let's keep that hush hush. ps: why not send me yours to try and I'll send you my speedo so you can catch more fish. [:D]
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    quote:Originally posted by Suspension
    Thanks everyone, I'll have to try one out.

    Lmbhngr, not sure how you know I fish in a speedo, but let's keep that hush hush. ps: why not send me yours to try and I'll send you my speedo so you can catch more fish. [:D]

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...ROFLMAO...damn funny Sus', you got me tear up with that one. [:D][:D][:D]
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    Amazing product. The only thing that i've found they don't work on are "no-see-ems". Not sure where your from but in georgia ther're almost as bad as "skeeters"!
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