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Used to bowhunt my #ss off years ago and is still my favorite(killed very first deer w/ bow). I have been away from the sport for approximately 8 years or so, so I know that the technology has changed. Whats new in the buisness??? If I was to buy a bow tomorrow for hunting what would you suggest, how much?? I used to shoot a Jennings Carbon Extreme. For its time it was good but now you are porbably laughing[:D]. Thanks!


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    Hi. This particular forum doesn't seem to be the best place, lots of users-wise. Do you still have your Jennings? I find that bow prices are right up there with firearms. I paid $350 Cdn., 20 years ago, for a Martin Warthog compound. Had the income so it wasn't a big deal and bought it because it felt right in my hand. Now, you can have optical sights, over draw systems and more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at, but hitting that 9" pie plate everytime is still the most important thing. Surf over to Cabela's site. More to get an idea of prices than buying from them. Think $200 and up. http://www.cabelas.com/
    You'll find that after 8 years, your upper body tone is gone. So, you'll have to lift some weights to get it back. You likely won't be able to comfortably pull the same weight as you did back then.
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