Beginner Needs Recurve Advice

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I've been shooting compounds since I was 10 (I'm 23 now) and am looking into getting a recurve and trying out my instinctive side. I pull 55lbs on a PSE w/ 75% let off. What would a good draw weight be for me. Also, I detest getting into a sport without high quality equipment. Do you have any bow suggestions, recommendations, or warnings. I strictly hunt Illinois White Tail. Thanks for your input.


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    Check out Eders at www.eders.com. They have a good selection of quality traditional bows and accessories.
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    I am just the opposite, started with recurve and now compound, so I dont have much on todays line of recurve bows/equipment. I do know that it will take LOTS of practice going from comp-recurve. You can forget about let-off. I do agree with having good equipment. As I was told in the military, "you buy *, you get *!! Spend some cash, have fun! Good Luck.
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    I helped my dad build recurve bows when I was 10 (45 yrs. ago). He produced some of the best and winning bows of the times. Even I held many state-tristate and national winnings as did my brother. The recurves of the day by bear and pearson were 1/4 as my dad's (mann archery) were full recurves. If you find one of this type be advised that they are tempermental but high performance. Thats why the big guys did not build them. If you picked a full recurve up on a hot day by the limb it would throw the string. I still know how to make strings if anyone is interested. I shot 'instintive' which meant no sights or hint of them could be used...got 6th in the junior nationals one year. It just seems more honest and natural...I had no sighting method which some did such as puting the point of the arrow a certain place for a certain distance of using 'space gap' a method of arrow point to target... I just judged the thing and shot. I think the current method of archery and gun hunting is cheating and too easy. Although later my dad invented the compound known as the Bear Delta V, I still prefer the robin hood style...give the game a chance. I have some of the recurve bows of the 60's as well as prototypes and production model that Bear gave him. These bows were built for specific persons, true customs. I took hundreds of gar, buffalo and rough fish with them also. The rule with us then was as long as the guy shooting was hitting, the other buy paddled or 'poled' the boat. Let me know if you are interested. Ken Mann.
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    I build Self Bows, Long Bows and Recurves as well as Reflex-Deflex designs. If you Hunt deer stick with the 55 pound draw weight. Use two blade broad heads like the Zwickey or Magnus. They shoot better from a Traditional Bow. My Recurves (the bend)are mild because I use staves split from trees. Because bends will pull out of a tree stave Bow. Real Recurves are hard to find, new at least. There are quite a few old ones around and they are still good shooters. I keep a few used and restored Bows up for sale on my website. Mostly Bear. Some times Ben Pearson or Browning and others. Check it out if you want. The address is: GilaLongBowCo.com
    Good Luck. Whitedeer

    I make Long Bows
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