P!ssing on scrapes???

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What's the deal with this one? I read somewhere that hunters have done this and it has attracted deer. Most hunters use a doe or buck scent. You figure that a deer smelling human urine would keep it as far away as possible, especially with their sense of smell. Anyone else heard this one??


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    Pee out of yor stand all you want. Won't bother the deer. Just more urine, don't recognize as human scent. That is what I have always heard atleast. Do it all the time and never had a problem with deer not comming to the stand.

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    Me I always carry a jar for peeing. Why take any chance on spooking the BIG BUCK!
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    I've read an article published by a university (can't remember which) but they did a study on scrapes. They put cameras on a bunch of scrapes, and put doe(non-estrous)pee, buck pee, and human pee in different scrapes. They were frequented by bucks at nearly identical rates. They concluded that bucks can't differentiate without sex hormones changing the aroma...I, however am a sex machine, so I can't pee under my stand as my pheremones would send all wild life into a panic stricken state.[:)]
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    I've done this.. didn't help any!

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    Allmost any kind of urine with a strong ammonia smell will"freshen a scrape....in fact according to the study straight ammonia would do it....L.H.
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    I don't tkink it matters one way or the other. I've stopped to take a leak before getting in my stand, and had deer stop to investigate than amble on their way. As for going on a scrape I think I'll refrain from doing that. As long as they don't SEE or SMELL YOU.


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    sit still, be quiet and wait for the deer and pee before leaving home.

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    I wouldn't go around telling everyone to practice this but I about three years back I missed a rather large buck while bow hunting. He was standing over a scrape at the time, and licking the branch above it. I got down from my stand later that afternoon, and walked over and took a leak on his scrape. I wouldn't be back for a few weeks, and felt I would never see him again, so there take that! The next morning I walked back in the woods to get my stand down. I was carrying my shotgun as it was the first day of the slug season. I had only enough time to get the stand down, but I took the gun just in case. I'm glad I did, because that big sucker was back there dressing his scrape again, and this time I placed a slug in his lung from 80 yards away. He now hangs in my living room.[^]

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    It is advisable to pee on any scrape you find. The reason is, that as the chemical compounds in urine break down, they are virtually identical. As far as that buck knows, another buck has been visiting, and he will be nearby to run this intruder off upon return.
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    I dont know about that, I am sure that some does and some smaller bucks might stop to take a sniff. But those 160 class bucks will most stay clear of anything that comes close to the smell man. When I bear hunted over bait in Alaska we would go right out of the tree but we also would leave old shirts and socks next to the baits to get the bears used to our smell. It work we took some very nice bear with our bows.
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    I use scent eliminator faithfully, and you know what? It works, very well.
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    Alot of myths out there of what to do and not to do.

    Taking a pee is Ok and will even have the potential to attract deer.

    Take at look at Charlie Alsheimers books sometime.

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    Taking a leak, wearing your work clothes, hunting with what you have, Worked for years. Now, if you believe the ads, youmust spend a ton of money to hunt at all.

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    that does not make sense to me. I would just leave it alone

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    I can't say that it's a bad idea, but I have never tried it. They say a mature buck can scent a human up to a half mile away, my opinion is that any deer has this potential. Why risk it? I carry a bottle and I only use that if I absolutely have too.
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    Open a bottle of hogs unlimited synthetic deer scent. It smells very strong of ammonia. I called the company once and told them that the remains of the bottle from the year befor didn't smell as strong as a new fresh one. It is advertised as synthetic and is supposed to be good until you use it. They told me to buy a bottle of ammonia and pour enough in so that it smells the same as a new one. I did and it worked as well as any of the other bottles of the stuff that I have used over the years. In other words good. Any urine smells of ammonia so I never miss a chance to urinate on a scrape, saves me a little on the cost of buying the stuff. I haven't noticed any poorer responce either.[:D]
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    I have been out deer hunting the past two weeks here in Michigan. Although I haven't seen very many deer, I've had some checking out the scrape that I've been peeing on. Every day I look, there are new tracks in the dirt. I learned this trick from an old conservation officer, who told me that he had a huge buck come up on him after peeing out in the woods. If I could hunt with a night vision scope, there is no doubt I'd have another trophy buck. As weird as it sounds, peeing on a scrape actually works.
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