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    ok can some one post this link i cant

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    Your link works.
    Kinda hard to tell you where to put it just from looking at a picture. I'm sure you've scouted the area, are there certain places with heavy trails and the land appears to create a natural funnel? Hopefully they would be leading to or from feeding areas depending on how often you hunt mornings or evenings.

    The left (east) side of your photo shows where the fence rows make a (T). If you follow the fence row from that (T) to the left (west) it intersects a wooded point. That point is what i would scout the most, looks to me like the deer would funnel through there going to and coming from feeding in those fields. (what crops are planted or will be planted?) It also appears to be a combination of open and thick woods which may play a key part for you during rut.

    I'd say your gonna have to invite us all up to hunt though, only way we can help you pick a good spot for your stand. [;)][:)]

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