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Being fairly new to bowhunting there are several technical things about bows that I am unsure of. Could someone tell me the pros/cons between single cams and dual cams? Thanks


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    Well it all comes down to timing. A single cam bow will never get out of time where as a dual cam bow will. Timing if you don't know is when you pull your string back and your cams roll over if they roll over at the same time you bow is timed correctly. As your string stretches you cams will become more and more out of time causeing vibration noise and inaccuracy. Don't beleive the hype about hoyts cam and a 1/2 setup there is no such thing it is a 2 cam bow. Darton tried the same thing about 5 years ago and found out it didn't work. Pretty much all the new bows have eliminated what is reffered to as valley, valley is the area when you pull your bow back the distance between string all the way back and the point where let off begins. The new bows have a very small valley thus making you more consistent and a better archer. The dual cam bows for the most part have a really smooth transistion between peak weight and let off, where as the single cam bows are a bit more abrupt. As far as speed goes they are pretty much equal. I have been a long time fan of the solo cam bows, but it all comes down to personal preferance.
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    Thanks for your reply gogolen. Does anyone know much about the new AR 34 and AR 37 with the ram and a half cam?

    I'm really having a hard time deciding between the PSE Scorpion or either the AR34 or AR37. I'm just glad I finally narrowed it down to these two brands, bowtech was in the hunt until I met one of there local dealers(I wouldn't buy a bow from him if it was free). So if anyone shoots either of these and could write some comments I would appreciate it...
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