2004 Martin RazorX Dyna-Cam

NebraskabowhunterNebraskabowhunter Member Posts: 24 ✭✭
Well, just when I thought I had my choices narrowed down I went and shot several different bows today at several pro shops and I changed my mine. And I decided I'm buying the new 2004 Martin RazorX Dyna-Cam. I shot the PSE Venom and the PSE Scorpion today, along with the Mathews LX and a Bowtech Patriot, and I have to say the Martin suited me the best. It's a little heavier than the competion but the balance is far better than anything else I shot in my opinon. Also the grip is far more comfortable than the Venom for me. The Mathews LX and scorpion came in a close second but theres also a $150 price difference with the Scorpion, and a $250 price difference with the Mathews LX. So for the money I just couldn't justify going with one of the higher priced bows when this one seemed to shoot so well. If anyone is in the market for a new bow this spring, I strongly suggest going out and shooting several types of bows to see which you like the best, I thought I had my mind made up until I took the effort to travel a little ways to try out everything.
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