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I went to my first shoot of the season today, my daughter brought her Bowtech that her old man got for her at Christmas. Talk about sweet! This thing is really smooth and quiet. I think my dog farts louder than this bow sounds when it goes off.

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    Your the third or fourth person I've heard talking about these BowTechs, I gotta go find their website and read up on these.

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    www.bowtecharchery.com Nice lookin bows.

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    Bowtech was one of the line of bows that I was very interested in when looking for a new bow. I thought I had my heart pretty much set on the Patriot, but then I went and shot quite a few and changed my mine. The bowtech was a very nice shooting bow, but for the cost I shot some that felt just as good if not better. If your looking for the fastest bow around bowtech is definitely the way to go.
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    I have had a mighty mite for several years now...I love that thing! Quiet, smooth, compact, and I shoot great groups with mine. They can be expensive, but nothing more than the Mathews or Hoyts - and they are just as, if not better, quality. My buddy, who shoots a tremendous amount is the one who turned me on to them. He has been through 3 or 4 now (never had trouble with them, just wants a new bow every year) with the latest being the Sampson model. For what it's worth, my opinion is that Bowtech is really making some impressive bows.
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    We went to an end of the season shoot last fall, and a fellow that was going out of business sold the bow to her old man for $200 bucks. It was a new demo, with a few scratches, but it's a really nice bow. My daughter put fiber optic sights, a drop-away rest, and a few silencers on it, and it is amazing.

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