how high do you put your stand?

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How higt does everyone hunt? Just wondering. I usually hunt 20' up or more and have found it to be effective. Below that height I have had deer look up at me, which is no good!! I am usually at 'nose-bleed height'.


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    I like to be 16' too my stand. Lower gets me busted by the deer and higher makes for a bad angle on the deer. At 20' it's allmost impossible to get a double lung shot on a deer inside 15 yards.

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    depends on what kind of tree it is pine trees im a little lower like 13 or so in hard woods im up 7 pegs so thats about 20 feet at the most

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    I always hunt at the hieght the forest dictates to me. I have in the past hunted at over 30 feet. That was in a pine forest with no cover. I goto IL to hunt big white tails and hunt as low as 15 feet. Two things I always think about before I set out to reach the top of the Empire state bldg [:D] is what is the wind doing and can I see a 30 yard ring below my stand from where I want to be.

    If I have concerns over either one I adjust my hieght accodingly
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    In South Texas where I hunt there are very few trees big enough to set up higher than 12-15 feet. Mesquite trees very seldom have large trunks to use a tree stand against, so mostly have to use tripods and back them into a tree. Have a few live oaks and shinnery oaks which are small and scraggly. Some times have to set up on the ground, which is tough. I wish I had a tree tall enough to set up at 20'.
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    I agree with bowguide...the height depends on the trees/branches/foliage you have to work with. However, I try no to go less than 16' but will not go any higher than I can get a clean kill-shot. If you zero your bow while shooting at a target that is directly in front of you, but plan to hunt in a high stand, take some shots at a target on the ground from a platform of some sort (e.g. put a practice stand up to shoot from) as your arrow will hit high when you shoot at a steep "down" angle....you need to know how much high so you can adjust your aim point. You probably already know that (no offense intended), but just wanted to be sure.
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    The tree I'm going to hunt out of dictates how high I hunt.

    Am I hunting conventionally facing my spot, off to the side, sitting facing the tree using it to break my outline, and what other things can I use to break up my outline. Where's my best shooting lanes. So on, and so on.


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    I to let conditions dictate how high,never over about 15 feet tho...have never had the need......L.H.
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    18' is my minimum............[:D]
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    I let my tree decide how high I am going.. but just high enough to keep one foot on the ground..lol but really, do what you feel comfortable with and what the layout of the land dictates to you..good luck and use a safety harness or tie off..

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    I hunt anywhere from 17 feet down to 12 feet. It all depends on your set up. If your near a trail or scrape line say with 10 yards. 17 feet at the most. If your back say 25 yards off the trail or scrape line. I sit a little lower. I love setting up in large maple trees that branch off about 10 feet up. This way I have alot of branches to break up any of my movements.
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    Spot and stalk = hunting
    Sitting in stand = waiting
    Sorry, but that's the way it is.
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    I almost always hunt from the ground even with Bow. If I do hunt a stand which is a rare occasion It will be no higher that 15 feet.

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    I usually hunt at about 15-20 feet. Ive been lower but i got busted.

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    Bears at 10- 14 feet

    Deer? Depends. If you are expecting a close in shot (10 yards) high can be a disaster. Think of the flight path of the arrow through the vitals. Will you take both lungs? The heart?

    My buddy is a nose bleed stand hunter. However, after he shot one in closer than 20 yards, entered the "12" ring on the deer, the arrow ended up in the sternum missing vitals. It was a hard blood trail, with not exit wound and without snow we would have never found the deer. It was a 4 mile trail.

    If you are tall up the shot better be far out to make the kill path.
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    I use a Latter Stand that 10' for all my Bear hunting. I used it for deer hunting and had many bucks run right under me, same as bear.

    I thinks 10' is just high enough to be fine in my latter stand. Although, I did have 6' Blackie stand up one year and started to climb up my stand. "Pucker factor"

    I also think stand location is proably more important than how high you go. I use to go up 30' with a climber stand....talk about nose bleed heights. I have not hunted at these heights in 20 years.

    15' would be the highest now I would go.

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    I usually hunt in a perminant stand and it's about 10 feet or so. I also hunt from a portable I don't go farther than 10 feet tho, never had a deer really smell me that far up.
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    I go anywhere from 10 - 20 feet depending on the tree but have gone as high as 37 feet although I was level with the plateau I was shooting at.
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    Good rule of thumb is to never hang it so high you cant see the ground. No seriously i hang mine 15-20 feet.
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    I agree with most of the other replies already, depends on the tree, the area and so on. 12 to 24 feet up

    But how come this topic was read so many times???? This forum needs more topics/posts for sure, but I can't figure out why this topic caught so many eyes.....ideas?

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    How high to I put my stand? ON THE GROUND! Broke my leg 22 years ago falling out of a stand. That, plus age and old bones dictate that I hunt from ground blinds. Had pretty good luck though!
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    quote:Originally posted by Winchester-mutt
    How high to I put my stand? ON THE GROUND! Broke my leg 22 years ago falling out of a stand. That, plus age and old bones dictate that I hunt from ground blinds. Had pretty good luck though!

    Do you recommend any blinds? I'd like to find a really dark concealed one for turkey.

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    I hunt on the ground too. It's tough, but I like it better.

    Thanks, [email protected]
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    I hunt as high as possible. Have a Summit Viper Xl climber best stand out there. My wind up strap is 30ft and a lot of times I get to the end as Im climbing and I have to stop[8D]

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    Around 10 to 15 feet. I want to survive if I would happen to fall![:D]

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