bear bow values

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i have 3 bear recurve bows that havent been used for many years and hopeing someone can give me a app. value on them.

1. Bear glass powered Cub sn#9bh64 60" 35# very nice condition.

2. Bear 76er hvy.wgt.delux 64" custom 58" 45# arrow. this is a take-down type bow with blue fiberglass limbs. no idea what the riser is made of. this bow shows signs of some use but is in good condition. minor nicks and scratches.

3. Bear glass powered Kodiak special sn# 2aa110r 66" 40# very nice condition[8D]


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    Uncle Milo;do a search on E-Bay.Previous sold Items, to get an idea.I think those Kodiak Models were going for a real good price.




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