Wasp Broadheads

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How many of you still use them? I still do and always will as long as I can buy them. I am very happy with them. They are very stout and sturdy and have zero complaints. They have always did a real nice job on the deer when I do hit them for a good shot. I have did some numbers on trees also. [:D]

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    I don't believe I have ever tried Wasp before, seems like a name that I would remember. Then again maybe not cause my memory isn't to good [:)]
    Their good for deer and trees? I best get me some of those[:D]
    I was walking into my stand a couple years back and saw a silowet (spelling?) of a deer in the dark. I stopped, waited, but so did it. I ended up sinking down to the ground and laid there until light. Once light came I crept up just so I could see the deer and it was a decent size buck. I wiggled myself around and tried to pull off a shot laying on my side and inching my entire body up so I could see the deer. Smack! Got a maple tree about 10 inch diameter [:0][:D]

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    I bagged 5 or 6 Deer with Wasp heads and really liked them,but they became hard to acquire.[:(]They always seemed very effective.




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    I am using the wasp Boss Bullet 75 granin,
    awesome Heads!

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    I saw a bunch of them in a walmart earlier last season and they were stll there when season ended. Wish i'd have known I would have bought em all and sent then to ya'll. I got 7 3 packs of thunderhead 100's for 5 bucks a piece on clearance at the end of bow season. Which is what i've used for years. I tried allen broadheads for killin yotes and found they break everytime they hit any creature.

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    I can't ever remember a wasp broadhead ever coming apart after shooting a deer. That is one reason I like them so well! Ebay is great for finding them at good prices.[:D]

    Believe nothing that you hear and only one half of what you see!!

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