Bear or Moose

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Any of you taken either of these animals with a bow? If not which would you rather hun?

I haven't, but I would like to hunt an Alaskan Brown Bear sometime.

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    Suspension [:)] Bear all the way, What a great kill it would be , with a bow , Thought about hunting NY black bear with a bow, Need more education in tracking Black bear Before i do that, Am tol;d By experiance Bow hunters hunting black bear, Once you shoot & wound Him or her, They get a pre meditated map in there head where there going & nothing is going to stop them But falling dead on the way there & There great hiders as well... But would be an excellant hunt with a bow ....

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    I love hunting but i dont think i could shoot a bear but a moose thats a different story

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    A guy I hunt with some has asked me so many times to go on a brown bear hunt with him. I think I'd rather hunt black bear first, especially with a bow. I went with some guys on a black bear hunt in WV a few years back, they used hounds so......it wasn't real exciting.

    From what I seen on moose hunts, they can be just about as dangerous, at times even more than a bear.

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    Done the bear thing in ontario lots of fun.
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    Went bear hunting twice. Missed a nice cinnamon the first time out conditions and not thinking quiet straight[:D]

    Last year went again to a different place. First Bear I saw I call the volkswagon bear because that is how big that sucker is -- old and smart enough to not give me a clear good shot. sigh. He was a beauty.

    Second to the last day I figured out what the bears were doing. 9 yards 300 pound Pope and Young. Death cry and all. Raining cats and dogs.

    Every bear I have seen from a stand has made my heart go pitter patter and it is a rush. I can not recommend this hunt enough. It is the closest chance I may get to hunting something that could easily kill me.

    Moose are something else too so I have been told, and I hope to hunt Moose sometime.
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