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buckeyboybuckeyboy Member Posts: 5,833


  • buckeyboybuckeyboy Member Posts: 5,833
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    Ive' been using climbing stands for years and sometimes I miss judge how much of and angle to start with at the base of the tree and thats not so bad when the foot platform is slightly pointing up. However when it's pointed down it can make for a real uncomfortable hunt and who wants to decend and readjust early in the am . check this out and see what you think. watch the video.
  • buckeyboybuckeyboy Member Posts: 5,833
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    I undersand this is not a new topic. Just wondering what climbing stand you all have and how you like it. Thinking about getting another. I did buy one from dicks that I will leave in the woods cause it weighs 28 lbs but for 99 bucks I figured what the heck.. I like my summit because no pind or parts..... they have one out now called timbertall weighs only 12 pounds but it has pins for locking soknowing me they would be lost real fast.[;)]
  • fishermanbenfishermanben Member Posts: 15,370
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    Carbon Fiber Old Man: 8.5
    Pros: Compact, light, easy to set-up, quiet.
    Cons: If the tree is too small of a diameter, it is cramped at the hips.

    Tree Lounge: 6
    Pros: Hands down the most comfortable stand you will ever sit in. It is sooooooooooo comfortable, I could sleep for days in mine.
    Cons: The heaviest & loudest thing you will carry through the woods intentionally. Standing up can feel like your stuck in your lazy boy.

    Summit Viper: 8
    Pros: The most secure climbing stand, no rock, tilt, or sliding. Very light, no pins, easy to set up.
    Cons: Scars trees pretty badly. Not as easy to pack in and out as the Old Man.

    P.S. Anyone got a lone wolf?
  • taco413taco413 Member Posts: 2,504 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I've got a API grandslam and I really do like it. I'd say a 9.
    I also bought a Huntersview climber for under 100 bucks and it's not that bad of a stand, 7.5 on it.

    Only The Strong Survive!!!!!
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