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Ok my bow is set for 70 lb pull, It really zips that arrow but is that to much ? I would like to set it for 62 to 65 pound pull, Here in upstate NY hunting turkey & deer , thats all i really need & if i drop the pull weight from 70 to 62 ? will it make it harder to pull arrow back to shoot ? Was told that from a pro-bowshop....



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    Welcome aboard Slowpitch!

    Sounds like you need to find a new pro shop. They said if you lower your draw weight from 70 to 62 it will make the bow harder to pull back? If you lower your draw weight you decrease the force needed to draw your bow.
    I personally feel that hunting whitetail and turkey you only need a bow setup with a 55 lb draw weight (minimum). My Hoyt is setup at 70, but mainly because all my buddies have theirs set high too, guess you could call it ego. [8D] I have less tension in my shoulder when my bow is set lower and also can hold draw longer if a deer is coming in. As a matter a fact I'm gonna change mine this week, probably go to 60 or 62. See your already influencing us on here [;)]

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    no it will make it easier to pull back
    but you will have to readjust your sight.

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    I shoot mine set at 70 all year long, but my dad being older he shoots his at 70 all year then drops to 60 for the hunting season his muscles are seasoned for 70 lb pull so it makes it just that much easier for him to pull and hold 60 lbs. while wearing all of his hunting clothes and after sitting in the freezing cold for a couple of hours sometimes your muscles get weak.
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    The bow performs better near it's max draw-weight. But the shooter often performs better at lower weights, and to tell you the truth that often has a bigger effect. [;)]
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