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I saw you where wondering about carbons and broadheads. First off the snyper is most amazing head ever made. I think the montec is made by G5 and I thought it was a fixed blade. If your shooting carbons, buy the snypers and you will not have to worry about shooting them. Field tips fly exactly the same as the snypers. Its a great choice. As far as the carbons go, check out Carbon Express. There amazing arrows. Gold tips are pretty decent too.

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    270 Deer Slayer -- yeah...sometimes I don't articulate well when I'm in a hurry. I was considering a test of the Montec for the purpose of testing a one-piece fixed-blade. I'm going to give the Muzzies a whirl for the purpose of testing a replacable blade fixed blade. I'm debating between the Rocket and the Snyper mechanical broadheads. It's like ammo. I gotta try em all on for size and see what feels good! [:D]
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