Poundage question!

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What do ya'll have your bow set on? Mine is set on 67lb. and I can pull it with ease. I shoot a little heavier arrow and am very comfortable with the weight.

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    I shoot 60lbs. I can pull 70lbs comfortably in the summer, but when the temp drops below 35 degrees the old bow arm gets stiff. There's nothing quite like braving the coldest temperatures and inclimate weather only to find out that you can't draw your bow. I've got warmer clothing now though, so I might crank her up a tad.

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    I jumped my hoyt back and forth between 60 and 70 depending on the season. The golden eagle I am shooting seems to be set close to 60, but I haven't checked it.

    I like a lower setting because I tend to draw a bit early or end up having a "slow" deer walk in. 70#+ can mess up your shot if you hold it to long.

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    I keep mine right around 70# like Ben when it gets extreemly cold I'll drop it a tad. don't like to fool with poundage much seems like my shot changes quite a bit with a few pounds.[8D]
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    new bows going to be set at 75

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    My Golden Eagle is set at its max 70# and I have no problem pulling that for hours.
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    I have my High Country Carbon 4 Runner set at 78 pounds, I am very comfertable with this weight. I have a 80% let-off on my bow so holding at full draw wating on a shot for a slow walking deer or bear is not a problem. I have never hunted in extream cold weather with my bow but I do not think it would be a problem. I shoot year round so I keep my arms in shape to handle the heavy draw weight. The extra poundage is way more than needed for white tail deer but I can take a longer shot , if nessary, with the flatter arrow flight because of the high draw weight I use. I had to shoot quite a bit before I found my max shooting distance. I still backed off a few yards, this gave me th confodance to take the longer shots if I have no choise.
    When you pay top dollar for a out of state bow hunt you may have to take a longer shot than normal. This could be the differance in coming home with a cooler full of meat or an empty cooler.

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    80# on the HOYT
    long bow is 65#


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    Mathews outback is maxed out at 72#
  • Mr.PissyPantsMr.PissyPants Member Posts: 3,575
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    My High Country is set to #70lbs. even. Let off is set at 65% according to WA regulations.

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  • dennisjohnsondennisjohnson Member Posts: 471 ✭✭✭
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    my golden eagle is set at 60. i get alot of advice from an old archer near by that claims 50-55 is enough. this dude is remarkable...85 and can still outshoot me..was one of the first guys in this state to get a antelope with a bow...he is my fountain of bow info![:)]

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    "...an old archer near by that claims 50-55 is enough..." He's right. A heavy bow only means your arrow flies a bit faster. Shot placement is far more important than the weight of pull.
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