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I own a Savage model 24. I purchased it years ago for $50.00. It's an O/U .22/410. It has a walnut stock with no checker pattern. The butt-plate is solid brass and the trigger guard extends towards the the butt of the gun ending in a scroll. It is also brass. The last feature is a brass inlayed diamond pattern on both sides of the gun. All the pictures I see of this model don't have this. Can you give me some info. on this. Thanks, BIG E


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    BigE- I see you are new here. You will get better info on the General Discussion Forum, or the Ask the expers forum.

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    Good one, this is the BOWhunting forum [:D]
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    I am no expert by any means on Savage, but I have not heard of or saw any savage model like you described with the brass in lays. Possibly a want to be gun smith starting out by tinkering with something inexspensive. Saw one of those once, had about 5 top notch collectors from the OGCA scatching their heads.

    Now head on over to ask the experts and they will tell you for sure what you got. Go buy a bow to then come back to join our forum. [:D]
    good luck [:)]

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    Yep. While this is an archery forum, I can tell you that one has been modified. No Savage 24 ever came out of the factory with a walnut stock or brass anything. Not that what you have is bad. It's just been enhanced for who knows why.
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