Had my bow tuned up-UhOh

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Took my bow in for my annual tune up-change the strings, check and make sure everything is correct, nd have my draw weight increased a couple of pounds. Since getting the bow, I have turned it up a couple of pounds every year.
So I brought the bow in, told my guy that I want it turned up to 65lbs, right now it is set to around 63. He puts it on the scale, and tells me the bow aint nowhere near 63, more like 55!! I dont know how this happend. I didnt turn it down, and my guy insists that the only way for the decrease, is if someone turned it down.
So that is why my endurance has been amazing. The way I practice, I shoot until I start missing, which usually means 15 shots a practice session. Some days a little higher, some days not so high. My general practice philosophy is you dont get better by doing things wrong. Therefore, as soon as my accuracy falls, which is due to fatigue and/or lack of concentration/relaxation, I stop shooting so as not to develop a bad habit.
So anyway, this summer I have been shooting 30 arrows a practice session. I mean everything was perfect. I wasnt getting tired, I couldnt miss. I thought I was just getting a lot stronger-Didnt realize it was because all of this time I have been shooting a shoe string.
I have taken the bow out the past two days. The difference is amazing. My first three shots are right on. 4-6 is a little off, 7 is way off so I quit until next time. Time to build back up the bow muscles.

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    Everything is still okay. 55lbs is ample to kill a deer. If you could consistently hit at 40 yards, then you might want more umph behind your arrow. Don't worry, yer still deadly.
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    Your bow can loose draw weight just sitting around all summer long. The bow string has a tendancy to streach . This happens to bows that are cranked all the way to max draw weight most often. There is an easy fix, just remove the string and re-twist the bow string and it will go back to the original draw weight or real close to it. I have my Carbon 4 Runner at max draw weight, I have had this done 2 times and my bow is 4 years old this year. I am still on the original factory string. Before you fellows start to holler change bow strings every year. I do inspect my string many times each season and keep the string waxed. I also have my local archery shope check the string out every year. It still shoots like a new bow and I hit what I shoot.So all is well.

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    Hornet, I've never changed a bow string. As long as the loops look fine, I keep shooting it. Has anyone ever heard of a bowstring breaking?

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    Yup, a guy at the bow shop said he had one break while hanging on his rack. Personally I didn't see it but there were a few guys there.

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