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Hello: All right, I'm ready to spend the money for a real tree stand. I don't want it to weigh a ton, and creek and rattle as I walk into the timber. I'd prefer that the base and the seat not swivel when I stand up, and I'd like to be able to sit comfortably enough so that my legs don't go numb. Does such a stand exist? I'd like some help from you folks . . . and maybe I can short cut the search process a bit. Thanks in advance.
OK . . . its down to the Lone Wolf Climber . . . if there's something better let me know!
Thanks for all the help.
Drew from Iowa


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    Derwto, picking a perfict tree stand is a big chore. I hunt out of a tree stand each time I go after white tail deer here in the Souh. I used a Waren & Sweat Cottenwood for many years. It is a great stand but it was clumberson to carry and when it got some age on it, it would make all kinds of noise each time I moved. I now use a API Grand Supream. This is the most comfertable tree stand I have ever owed. You can sit all day and not be wore out when it is time to come home. The seat adjust to where it is most comfertable for you. It weigs in at 21 pounds. I did not use the carry straps that came with it. I bought a pair of surplus army pack straps that were padded and it is no problem to carry to a hunting area deep in the woods.
    I had placed my stand out in the woods and deiced to hunt another area and a friend offered to loan me his Summit Vipor stand. This is a truly light weight stand and it feels like you don't have a stand strapped to your back at all. It is very comfertable and it is easy to climb with also. I would recmond either the API Grand Supream or the Sunnit Vipor, you would not go wrong with either one.
    When some of the guys read this they will wonder why I did not mention the Old Man stands. I have used them and without bashing someones product I will just say it was not a fun experiance being squized in on a small tree and then slipping down the tree about 10 foot before it got another bite. That was my first and last time in a Old Man tree stand. I have huntting buddies that love them, more power to them.

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    Hornet is dead on. I really like my Carbon fiber ol' man, because it's so easy to pack in/out and set up. I have hunted in summit vipers and API grand slams. Both offer more hip space than the ol' man. If I was going to buy another it would probably be the viper. I have also wanted to check out the lone wolf.

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    I have a huntin buddy that bought a Hunters View climber from wallyworld for under a hundred bucks that he just swears by. I've been using a summit viper and I am very pleased with it.

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    I have a number of climbing stands, I have found the summit to be the one I like the most. It folds flat not heavy, very stable, and no knobs wing nuts or stupid crap like that. lone wolf is lite but dosen't look like a stand thats very comfortable. Summit has come a long way, go look at them I think you will like them. The prices are also pretty good.[8D][8D]
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    Hands down, the API Bowhunter climbing stand. Extremely sturdy, never had the "infamous" slipping and comfortable seat. I'll never hunt out of another climber.
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    I've never used a climber but I've heard plenty of complaints about the Wal-Mart stands (Hunter's View I believe). Do the right thing and spend the money on a quality stand. Everyone I've talked to has told me that you get what you pay for when it comes to a stand and to avoid anything that Wal Mart sells.
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    ids, I've had a Hunters View big daddy lock on and climbing sticks for a few years and they have been great. The climbers i've never used so I can't say from personal experience. I'll stick with my viper as my climber.

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    I've been using a Summit Bushmaster XL for the last 4 seasons. My main concern was portability & weight. The Bushmaster weighs in at 16lbs., is quiet and very stable, and is quite comfortable.
    I think it all depends on what style of hunting you'll be doing. The 20+ pound climbers are too big & heavy to tote around, especially for long distances and extreme elevation changes, and are probably a good choice if you don't plan on moving them much. If you like being "mobile", scout and hunt new areas often, and don't trust leaving your stand in the woods for some worthless #*&! to steal...the Bushmaster is the ticket.

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