When is an arrow too light?

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Is there a point when you can use an arrow that is too light for a particular set-up to the point where it would simulate dry-firing the bow and cause damage?


  • salzosalzo Member Posts: 6,837
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    Yes there is. Matter of fact, bow manufacturers often void waranties if shhooting arrows that are too light.

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    Ids, I don't know how big a boy you are. But since you're military you've probably done a few push-ups in your life. So, when thinking arrow weight think of it like this: If you were to shoot something inside 100 yards would you rather use a fast .22hmr or a slower .44mag? The weight of the projectile makes all the bone-breaking difference, even though you may have to dope for yardage. Now if you're shooting a lot of competitive 3D, I'd go with the flatter shooter. But if you're looking to hunt, go heavy. You don't have to be able to knock the heads off of q-tips. In fact, most of your shots will be within 25 yards. Don't let those 3D shooters take the hunting practicality out of your bow.

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