Graphite arrows

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Ok thinking of trying graphite arrows, but dont like the thinness of the shafts, But shjot with a friend that shhots the thicker size graphite shafts, I use a High country split limb at 70 lb pull, which size thick shaft arrows should i use for deer hunting ? & maker of this arrow..



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    Yo Slowpitch,

    Find the best archery specialty shop that you can, have them check you and your bow out. If they'll take the time to fit you properly and stand behind their recommendation, buy your sticks from them. You'll be glad you did.

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    I shoot a HCA Carbon 4-Runner. I also shoot HCA's Carbon Revolution shafts. They're the lightest and fastest shafts on the market. Check with HCA to see if your bow will handle them. I'm thinking HCA doesn't recommend shooting these unless your bow has a carbon fiber riser.

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