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You guys ever have something freaky happen when you shot an animal in the head? I once shot a squirell in the head with a .22 short. It fell out of the tree and hit the ground. Then began to just bounce up and down, and it wasn't jumping from it's feet. It was just bouncing. It must've bounced 10 times at least 2-3feet up in the air. I thought it was injured, but when I picked it up and looked at it, it was obviously very dead on impact.

Any of you guys ever have something weird like that happen in the woods? What about a good shot on an animal that just refuses to let go?


I'm sure peta approves this post.[:D]



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    Ben, I saw a squirrel get hit by a car, head was squashed but it still flipped all the way across the road. I wonder if the Peta folks will quit driving their cars[?] Oh no[:0] you don't understand mr hunter. that was an accident I diden't mean to kill that poor little squirrel. Well guess what you did *. and dead is dead. [;)]
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    quote:Originally posted by buckeyboyOh no you don't understand mr hunter. that was an accident I diden't mean to kill that poor little squirrel. Well guess what you did *. and dead is dead.

    Sounds like a clear-cut case of vehicular squirell slaughter to me!!



    Ha!Ha!! You beat the GB language censor in a very creative way. I will have to remember that one.[8D][:p][8D]


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    Hey Buckey...you spelled "*" correctly. Hahahahaha...I couldn't resist. [8D]
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    I shot a small 5 point white tail in the head many years ago and he turned a complete 360 in mid air. He was running wide open at about 80 yards.

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    I was standing along a fence row watching some guys push out a hollow in shotgun season one year. Here comes a little 6 or 8 pointer hauling the mail across that field. Three of those guys unloaded on him and he never missed a stride so you can imagine how fast he was going by now. I held in front of him, and let it rip. His head immediately went sideways, then antlers dug into the field, back legs up and over and he rolled 3 times in complete circles. Then stood up and looked around. I shot him again straight on. When I got to him he had a hole in his left eye and one in between his eyes. The opposite side and back of his head were a bit messey (12 gauge). How did he stand back up and look around like nothing happened is beyond me.
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    fishermanben--I did the same thing with a rabbit once. .22 LR to the head. That rabbit did backflips in the air for about 30 seconds. The fur got redder and redder with each leap. It was downright scary and reminded me of the killer rabbit in The HOly Grail.
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    Neurons can continue to fire even after the body has sustained fatal injuries. When the guillotine was popular, it was not uncommon to see the eyes of the victims looking about for a short time after the decapitation.

    The first critter I ever killed was a big old groundhog my beagle had found out in the bean field. I shot it with a 22 LR square in the head, but it kept kicking around, so I shot it a few more times.

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