Acceptable accuracy.

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What are your individual accuracy standard's in preparation for bowhunting? I am working to achieve the 1/10, 2/20, 3/30 MOA.

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    I like to hit the hair on a deer I am aming at.I like presison shooting as much as the next guy. But in all practical purpose for hunting, if you are hunting white tail deer and you can hit a pie plate at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, yards and beyond you will get your game. Go up to an elk and you have a bigger target. All hunters should pratice to acheave pin point accuracy. You do have a margin of error in 95% of all hunting shots. If you were shooting targets in a turnamont that is a different story.Relax, shoot your bow and have fun. Just enjoy the sport and take in all the wonders God has put on this earth for us. Hunters get to see and enjoy things that most people will never see or hear.

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    I believe we all owe it to the animals that we hunt to be as accurate as possible, which means not only practicing at targets. But to also practicing to keeping our composure when the moment of truth comes. I'm making it sound easier than it really is. I think most shots are missed because of rushing a shot or taking a marginal shot, as I have done many times. The best we can do is learn from our mistakes to try and do better the next time. I now "try" to stay cool till after the shot, then I completly fall apart. My opinion is do the best you can and be honest with yourself when you are ready to release as arrow. Remember We owe that to the animals we hunt, without them none of the joy and exitement would be there at all. I have wounded many animans in my younger years and it still bothers me to wonder how much they suffered because of my lack of controll or carelessness in taking a shot beyond my abilities. " Not preeching Just saying what works for me"[;)][;)]
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    Interesting question. Here is my view, and I don't mean to ignite a war here: If you can just hit a pie plate at 20 yards (when you have all the time in the world to aim), you will most likely miss (or worse) when your heart is pumping and you have a deer in your sight and release the arrow. You should consistently make 3-4 inch groups at whatever distance you practice at....you may just make a clean shot at the "moment ot truth," What we do to try to get things stressful is to time the shot (5 seconds after we draw) and add stress by screaming at the person shooting to add a distraction. It may sound stupid, but it seems to work.
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    hornet said it all.you have to calm down, foucus and hope your practicing can pay off. you may be sharp enough to drive a thumbtack at 25 yards but when mr. mossyhorns decides to give you a 3 quarter pose you tend to be a little more rattled than you are with the target inyour backyard[;)]

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