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Do you guys use rangefinders or do you perfer to guess yardages[?]


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    I mark 15 & 30 yard spots in three directions around all my stands. Other than that I guess at yardage and I am bad at estimating distance.

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    I don't guess--I use a Keller.

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    -I was just wondering because I have one that mounts right to my bow and some of my fellow hunters say thats not part of archery your supposed to guess how far. The way I see it the better shot I can put on the animal the better for everyone the deer dosen't have to suffer from a wound, cause I made a mistake in guessing yardage.What do you think[?]
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    I use Susp's trick. That way I don't spend any time using a rangefinder when I should be preparing for a shot. The best thing I ever did for distance estimation was shoot 3D tournaments. That really helped a ton. Unfortunately, I haven't done that in several years, and my distance estimation has suffered.
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    That way I see it is that if your gonna hit your mark then you gonna hit it. Range finder or guessing or with your eyes close. Practice if defiantely needed, but when adrenline runs through you anything can happen.
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    I do the same as susp does, I will step off 10-20-30 yards about 3 different spots around my stand. I think a range finder would be great if you have a climber and tend to move alot.

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    If I were going out west where a long shot is common I would have one. But hunting in the swamps and thick woods in the deep south I can't see the need for a range finder. Most shots are 10-20 yards. A 30 yard shot is rare thing where I hunt. I believe I will stick to my Savage Pedlium sight.

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    I hunt with a bow and rifle, and I carry a rangefinder in the summer to practice with when scouting or stumpshooting. First I guess the range, then I use the rangefinder.It really helps. I leave the finder home when I bowhunt- no stand hunting here, and no time to use it. I only carry it on rifle hunts for antelope.
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    Let's ask this question, "when the trophy animal that you've been pursuing for however long finally offers you the shot. Would you rather guess at how far the shot is or know how far it is??
    Absolutely marking/knowing shooting lane yardages before the shot opportunity arrives is critical. Or...buy a good laser range finder and never wonder about distances again whether you're in your favorite old hunting stand or a new location. They are an investment but, well worth every penny. Mine, well, it serves double duty...it hangs on my golf bag in the summer. It's the best "club" in my bag when playing a new course for the first time.
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    I would add another element to range finder use. I have had a few, and when I get out to the stand in the wee hours...usually at least one hour before shooting time (ok, I am *), I take "ranges" at the very first light. When doing this it is too dark to read the distance without a backlight...I finally bought a Leica. The target "box" and digits are LED illuminated and, despite the price, they are very worth it in my view.
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    I use a older bushnell. It is critical as we have over a dozen stands and my old brain can not keep all the distances stored in my head.

    I just shoot some points of reference and put it away. Not going to be able to use it when grandpa struts out into the open.

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