Ohio Youth Deer Hunt Today

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Ohio Youth Deer Hunt Today.( Sat. & Sun.) I know Crosshair took his son and nephew out for the morning and evening both.No deer to drag though.They found three new scrapes that they hunted near this evening.Going back at first light.I know A.Gun is waiting for a Buck.Don't know what Nathan is hunting.Forgot to ask.

Nathans Buck of last year.Bagged him the first time out with his Crossbow

Do you know anyone that took the Boys or Girls for a Deer Hunt today?

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    The Division of Wildlife estimated 15,000 young hunters took to the field during the two-day season. Counties reporting the greatest number of deer killed for that time were Tuscarawas (263), Holmes (222), Guernsey (210), Coshocton (209), and Ross (190). This year's total was 28 percent above the 2003 numbers, when young hunters took 5,208 deer during the same time period.

    Looks like most of the kids were hunting around my area from the numbers killed. You should check out the ohio dnr's website, they have online photo's from the kids this year, pretty nice.
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    Thats good. I'm glad to see more of them getting out in the woods. The kill was down this year in our woods.Both my son and nephew struck out.[:0] Maybe they will get lucky come Monday. I sure hope![:D]

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    good luck to both you guys tomorrow and be careful. I seen more out of town cars around here yesterday and today than I did last year. Sure hope everyone hunts safe tomorrow.
    The number of people is why I pulled out of my stand early today. The deer seemed to already be spooked some, heard a buncha shooting today to.

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