recap of deer hunting from this week

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Well yesterday was not a good day hunting for headzilla "actually it was good". A bunch of my friends and I have been driving deer for 2 days and were doing pretty good 6 deer last count. Well I havnt fired the gun yet no chances. So im watching one drive a coyote walks out at 150 yards A tad bit far for the 11/87 to shoot, so i get on my radio to inform the nxt guy down the line hes coming, he radios back hes heading for u so im ready to cap him but he jumps in the brush offering no shot. Next drive Im watching again and the guy infront of me says hes got alot of big buck sign ehre in ny we dont get that alot says its like Illinois so im waiting for the wall hanger to run by. right after he gets off the radio i hear crunching my hearts in my throat and im thinking the biggest deer in the world is going to walk by well it didnt the worlds biggest fox does instead, now myself not being a slob hunter i needed to know if fox are in season before shooting well gues what they are but apparently fox understand english and he heard the radio say green light shoot him well after he heard that he took off with no remington sluggers followning him he took great use of the cover and ran away unscathed and to top it off the wall hanger never came out. Later in the day were at my favorite place to drive so i set the watchers up and get ready. well i hear a gun shot FROM THE ROAD NO LESS some guy bombed at a doe and it ra into the drive well i few minutes later shes cruising past me at about 100 yards in a patch of golden rod. Well headzilla says its now or never boom the deer stands there not moving i figure i hit her, then shes up and running 4 more shot follow from me and the next guy. after reading field and stream i said no way in H E LL a deer could jump 10 feet in the air but just to let everyone know they can she escaped to freedom. A little ribbing later and its on to the next spot. Im driving and i said im going to walk through a un picked corn field on the way to the drive. Well im 12 rows in and i hit a hornets nest of deer 3 shots later im blood trailing one. I had great sign waste high blood smeared on the corn hair and fall marks, im congradulating my self coming out of the corn expecting the deer to be laying there boy was i wrong. after trailing a blood trail that consisted of a speack of blood every here and there i hit the money shot a nice pool of thick blood 4in x 4in right before she ran through a hedge row. well this deer pulled a hoodeny a little blood specks then nothing. she ran right into the drive and didnt come out we looked and looked but nothing. we cancelled the search due to darkness. well having my luck this year it rained like SOB last night, we searched all around and couldnt find her the next morning. so now i know i killed a deer and couldnt find her and i feel awfull. now its back to school for the week then back out next weekend. got to get back on the horse when it bucks ya off

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    Looks like you had a good time, notwitstanding no deer i the bag.
    I went up to Columbia county on Wednesday afternoon, my hunting partners had been there since opening day. The elder statesman of my group took three shots in two days, missed them all. Turns out his scope has had it. In forty years of hunting he had three misses-in two days he doubled his missed shots.
    Other than those three deer, the other two guys didnt see anything.
    I went out for the last two hours on wednesday-nothing.
    Friday I got one. Heard a racket, saw a deer 70 yards away, moving fast-when I had a clear shot, I whistled to make him stop-he didnt stop. I have never taken a shot at a running deer, but everything seemed perfect as I was leading him-I shot-he didnt go down, ran back 30 yards, took another shot he dropped. I went over to the deer, saw my first shot was on the money entrance wise, but it exited high, due to him being above me-only got one lung. The second shot hit him in the neck. When I saw the deer come through, I thought I saw spikes, but the dead deer didnt have any. Called my partners, told them I shot a big doe. I flip it over to field dress, I was a bit suprised to see male organs. Went back to the head, lifted it up-he had one six inch spike-I SHOT A UNICORN.
    My 3 partners did not see anything the entire day.
    That night we went to an annual family get together, they all got plastered. I went home early to put my daughter to sleep. Wake up the next morning at 5, no one is awake. I hang around until 620, still sleeping. Decided that they probably had had it, and were sleeping off hangovers, so I went up myself. I was sitting for an hour, 3 doe came through, got the biggest one. I went in the house to tell them I got a doe, they were still sleeping. What a relief! The thought of butchering one deer four ways was not appealing. The other three split the doe, I got the unicorn.
    The hunting Gods were smiling on me those few days for sure.

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