Used or less than state of the art equipment?

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I'm thinking I should update my set-up.
I'm currently shooting a 93' vintage XI Flatliner, 68 lbs., 60% let-off and heavier than hell.
There's no way I'm dropping $500 - $700 on a new bow that will be outdated in a year or two so a Mathews or Hoyt cam & a half are just not in the cards, unless I can find a SCREAMING deal.
I've looked at the auctions here and have found what seem to be a couple of fairly good deals (less than $300) on some fairly new PSE products.
Anybody got some good suggestions on what I should be looking at or staying away from??


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    I shoot a parker- 2001 feather mag model, and I love it. Plan on shooting it until the limbs break. There are faster, shorter, luighter bows out there, but it works for me.
    If you are an occasional shooter, you would be fine with a second hand bow, made in the past couple or three years, and there are so many good bows and companies out there, just about anything made in the past few years will be a big step up from your current equipment.

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    I like my cheap PSE. Go to an archery shop and get set up with one. It won't be the bows fault if the deer doesn't die. Plus, you're stepping up so much--just 5 years ago a cheap PSE would have been top of the line.


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    Try looking at Reflex bows, they are not pricey and a really good bow. They are made by Hoyt, I have had mine for 2 years and love it. Is it the fastest, quietest bow out there? No but it is pretty quiet and I have killed 5 deer with it in 2 years and that's all that really matters.

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    Browning has decent bows and some under the $300 mark. Even those buckmaster and fred bear models seem fairly good for their cost, but I do not know anyone who owns one of those. Just go to your shop and buy something in your range that feels comfortable to you. Your practice is what's gonna make the bow effective anyway.
    good luck [:)]

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