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Hi, just wondering how many people have gotten into hunting without their father teaching them or so on. I'm 16 and when I bring up hunting toward my father or mention if he could maybe take me out for an hour or 2 he sort of laughs in my face. He is normally like this though, I know he doesn't plan on being mean but I dont understand sometimes...he even made a big deal out of me getting my FIRST buck mounted[?]. I was happy as ever, and he never once said good job, congrats, or noted that I shot that deer....sometimes I don't uunderstand. So how many of you have gottten into hunting without your father being into it, my grandfather got me into hunting and I thank him as much as possible!!![:D]


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    A.Gun, my situation is the exact same. My Gramps is 77 and we still hunt, fish, and drink together(as we have since I can remember). My father does not have the desire to hunt or fish, and never has. In fact, come to think of it, I have only hunted with my Father once in my entire life, and he didn't even bring a gun. I always thought my G-pa was my role model(which he was); however, as I grow older I realize more and more that I am my Father's son. I am more like him than even I know, and despite him not ever doing things like hunting and fishing with me, we have more in common than I will ever realize. Don't expect your Dad to act like he cares when he really doesn't give a poop. And NEVER doubt that although he doesn't give a poop about hunting that you aren't making him proud.

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    None of my brothers hunt and my dad.. well lets just say golf would be more his thing. I am the sole hunter in my family. I married into a hunting family but did so after I had been hunting for years. I got into it with a boyfriend years ago. Dont be pissed at dad he is just being himself.
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    My Step Dad worked to support 5 kids and I didn't see him much due to the overtime in order to provide for his family. My real dad was worthless and didn't give two craps about his kids. So to answer your question no my dad had nothing to do with my hunting, although I am still a beginner and looking for friends that also enjoy the sport to show me the ropes. Be thankful you have a grandpa that can show you the ropes, because figuring it out for yourself is very difficult.
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